We are Curtice and Stacy, both natives of California. We  met in June of 2001 while working as civilian employees for the Stockton Police Department and that was the beginning of us.

We were surprised to realize how much we shared in common. Both left handed and right-minded with sincere appreciation for the healing powers of nature. 


We love to travel and exploring life together is something that we refuse to take for granted.​ We look forward to seeing where the highways of life take us. With each new journey we are living up this lifetime. Life has a lot to offer and we plan to experience all that we can.​


Bubby's Photography

Bubby became interested in photography nearly 2 decades ago as a way to save money on baby portraits after Isabella arrived. He has since evolved into a talented photographer and gifted videographer. He independently  films and produces all of our videos. We hope that you enjoy watching our videos as much as we enjoyed filming them.

Our Blended Family

Son: David & Daughter-in-law: Doris

Daughters: Krystal & Isabella

Grandson: Alo

How did we get our names?


Our first grandson Alo arrived in 2015 and we searched for modern and fitting names that we thought  were  appropriate for young grandparents. We considered the ease of pronunciation for our little guy and  settled on  "Bubby & Honey," very fun and endearing titles..


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